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These are variations on the Scottish tune from the 17th Century.

The inspiration for this comes from David Tayler’s performances of the original piece.

A transcription of the original tablature can be found here in the fine collection, scotmus.com .

recording (mp3)

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This is a piece by Antonio de Cabezon  from the collection, Libro de cifra nueva , by Venegas de Henestrosa, 1557. It is based on the hymn tune Pange Lingua.

score (pdf)

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Antonio de Cabezón is an important Spanish composer of the 16th Century.  This year is the 500th anniversary of his birth.

There is a project ongoing to record all of his works:


The duo form shown here, added one line of counterpoint to a melody originally derived from Gregorian chant.

score (PDF)

The FIMTE reference above, provides a link to the original source.

The Ave Maris Stella here is found on page


in that collection.

Explanation of the notation used there:

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Niel Gow  was a very well known fiddle player and composer in Scotland during the late 18th Century. This is an arrangement for guitar of one of his best known melodies, ‘Niel Gow’s lament for his second wife’ .

Score (pdf)

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In one of the volumes by Gaspar Sanz he includes a fugue based on a short motive. Here I do my own variations on the same motive.

score (pdf)

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