In a Garden so Green

A guitar arrangement of this traditional Scottish song.

(score, pdf)

Long Time Travelling

There is a tradition of a cappella choral singing in New England and the rural South , which dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, and continues to this day. This is an instance  of the early American ideals of innovating to make an activity possible for everyone, and independent of European tradition.

In this arrangement, I have tried to maintain the feeling of stark simplicity, which the original vocal version has.

Long Time Travelling (score, pdf)


Anton’s Lullaby

For when it’s sleepy time in Düsseldorf …

Anton’s Lullaby (audio, mp3)

Anton’s Lullaby (score, pdf)

En me revenant

This is from a book of lute tablature compiled by Lord Herbert of Cherbury in the early 17th Century.

En me revenant, score (pdf)

en_me_revenant, recording (mp3)


The original source



This is a transcription for guitar of a piece for lute by Marco dall’ Aquila.

score (pdf)

recording (mp3)

facsimile of original manuscript

Al Alba Venid

An arrangement for guitar of this song.


Al alba venid, buen amigo,
al alba venid.

Amigo el que yo más quería,
venid al alba del día.

Amigo el que yo más amaba,
venid a la luz del alba.

Venid a la luz del día,
non trayáis compañía.

Venid a la luz del alba,
non traigáis gran compañía.

Al Alba Venid, score (pdf)

AlAlbaVenid, recording (mp3)

Reference score can be found at:


Picardy Variations

Variations on the melody used in the hymn ‘Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence’.

Picardy Variations , score (pdf)

recording (mp3)

By Antonio de Cabezon, from Luis Venegas de Henestrosa’s book of tablature, 1557.

This piece is based on a precursor to the “folia” harmonic progression, which became so popular later.

CabezonCabellos, score (pdf)

A French folk melody called ‘Picardy’ is the basis for this.

Let_All_Mortal_Flesh_Keep_Silence , score (pdf)


Vincenzo Galilei is one of the most accomplished lutenists of the Renaissance, and also the father of Galileo Galilei.

This is a transcription for guitar from a collection of lute pieces whose titles are the names of the Muses.


Polyhymnia (score, pdf)