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For classical guitar it’s important to have the surface where the nail comes into contact with the string as smooth as possible. I had been going to the nail care section of my local drugstore for a certain kind of nail buffer. These work well, but can get quite expensive. Also I am sure that the cashier must be wondering just why I come in and buy out the store’s entire supply of these things.

Happily, I recently found out about a company called Micro-Surface Finishing Products, which makes an abrasive called micro-mesh , which is used in all kinds of industrial applications which involve smoothing surfaces. They make the micro-mesh available in nail buffer form,  at a very reasonable price.  I bought a bunch of these online and have been using them with good results.

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So I was having trouble with the intonation on the 3rd string of my classical guitar.

Fretting in lower positions (1st, 2nd,  3rd, fret) was ~10 cents sharp.

The theory is that such intonation problems are mainly due the elasticity of the string.
I decided to try some fluorocarbon string, since it is said to have less elasticity. (The fishermen like this property because it makes it easier to sense the fish on the leader.)
In addition, the density is 1.8X that of regular monofilament nylon. This permits a thinner string for the same tension, and hence potentially a brighter tone.
(Details: Seaguar 60FC25 fishing leader,  .740mm diameter).
Did the trick! Intonation within 1 cent all the way up to the 12th fret.
I find the tone somewhat improved also.
And I still have 24 yards left of the leader, in case I want to catch a 60lb fish!      😉
Since then I have also tried Seaguar Fluoro Premier 100lb leader (‘Big Game’) (  100FP25 , .910mm ), which is denser still, on the 3rd string with the same good results.

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