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This is an instrumental interlude from Handel’s Messiah, which imitates the piping of shepherds.

pifa , score (pdf)

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This is an arrangement for solo guitar of the melody from an air de cour by Antonie Boesset.

The melody appeared in Resphigi’s Ancient Airs and Dances for string orchestra.

Divine Amaryllis (score, pdf)

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Gabriel’s Message

This is a version of the Basque carol, for solo guitar.

Gabriel’s Message (score, pdf)


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Some further development of a piece posted earlier.

reverberations (score, pdf)

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This is a piece arranged for the guitar, from the Straloch lute manuscript (Scotland).

It’s transposed into a different key from the original , but notes haven’t been added or subtracted. I feel that the original is quite effective to listen to as it is. The score is elegantly simple and concise, and is straightforward to perform.

The canaries (pdf)

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Towards the Light

This is a piece composed for harp.

There is an association of the musical modes with different moods or feelings. The idea of this piece is to progress from ‘dark’ modes to ‘light’ ones.

Towards the Light (mp3)

Towards the Light (pdf)

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This was inspired by a performance on the archlute by David Tayler, of  the Prelude from the Cello Suite, BMV 1008 , by J.S. Bach.

Although this does not contain much (if any) of the notes from BMV 1008, it aspires to evoke something of the same feeling.

reverberations, score (pdf)

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Applied to a melody originally in the Skene lute manuscript (‘The Flowers of the Forest’) .

Pentatonic_harmony , score (pdf)

This is a recording done using a synthesizer to approximate the sound of bagpipes.

Pentatonic_harmony (recording, mp3)

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Pentatonic Canon

Many of the older Scottish melodies (such as this one from Jane Pickering’s lute book) are almost purely pentatonic in character. That lends itself to interesting harmonic and voice leading possibilities.

Pentatonic_canon, score (pdf)

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From Panmure 5

The Panmure collection contains manuscripts from the 17 and 18th centuries , for several different kinds of instruments.

This is a fairly free arrangement of a piece from the 5th volume of the collection, which contains music for lute.

From Panmure 5, score (pdf)

From Panmure 5, recording (mp3)

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